The Minimalist

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Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa

The Minimalist stays clear of color, instead opting to wear only shades of grey. If they must wear colors it must be muted and desaturated. Button up shirts are a must for men, but never with a tie. Women wear very simple and elegant pieces. The most essential characteristic is not clothing but rather chain smoking Benson & Hedges Gold Cigarettes. For stylistic inspiration they seek out the likes of Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa.

The Couture

Comme Des Garcons

The Couture architect has a distinct difference from the Minimalist. They practice a parametric, computer-aided architecture, rooted in the latest techniques. Just like their architecture, their style seeks to be the latest, most sophisticated style. They keep up with runway shows around the world making sure they are with the times. Unlike the Minimalists who seek stylistic inspiration from well-known architects, the Couture architect seeks to look like no one else. The moment they see someone wearing something they own they immediately throw the offending item out. However, in their attempt to be original, they end up looking like everyone else.

The Dane

Bjarke Ingels

The Dane is a relative newcomer in the world of architectural fashion, a product of the recent rise in popularity of Danish architecture. Their fashion is based almost entirely on one garment, the blazer. They wear the blazer with almost anything, from t-shirts and button downs, to dresses or cardigans, color or greyscale. The blazer is worn equally by men and women, abused regardless of gender. However, the Dane’s blazer is not just any old blazer. It is a slim fit style, only worn in black, not even charcoal grey. They hope that by dressing like famous Danish Architects their work will be as good as the most prestigious firms in Copenhagen.

The Low-Income Hipster

Hipster Guy
Hipster Girl

The Hipster is the most casual of the architectural fashions and is often dictated by a lack of money. The offices they work at often pay them poorly, forcing them to shop at vintage stores, forsaking the Commes des Garçons they often frequented before having to pay off student loans. All their money is spent not on clothing, but rather their pricey apartment in Silverlake, Williamsburg, The Mission, or Wicker Park. Unlike most of the people who inhabit their neighborhoods, they are actually starving artists trying to make a living. Unbeknownst to them the low-income hipsters set trends for the upper middle class hipsters whom they share the neighborhood with.

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